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In  the preparation as well as in the practical operation of building lot  it is again and again necessary to provide construction and access roads, root protection surfaces, construction territories, areas for load distribution on short notice.
In the conventional way gravel and recycling material or concrete slabs for big areas are employed.
Usually a necessary earthwork precedes this operation.
After completion of the operations a dismantling is  necessary. Furthermore there will be additional costs caused by the disposal of the used material.

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The alternative
We offer temporay construction roads and areas of hexagon composite boards. With normal building employment the model "Allround"  (HDPE) is usually sufficient for the building of construction roads and areas. Driving on with truck is possible. The model “Super” can be used for construction roads for highest load. All surfaces are approved in accordance with the StVO as  roads to 10 km/h and can be used without previous preparation of the  territory. With especially difficult subsoil or sensitive vegetation a geotextile is layed as a protective coating and load capacity  improvement before laying the slabs. All the models allow surface water to be drained away without any difficulty. Crucial advantages are the long-term reusability, further earthworks will not be necessary and thus no disposal of substructure  materials and the protection of its natural cover will be guaranteed. Furthermore the soil protective system corresponds to the German Bundesbodenschutzgesetz from 1998, §1.

Whether outdoor or indoor locations: make your event a strong product. Due to the hexagonal form all imaginable forms are possible to build mobile soil protection. Among other things also curves can be built. The surface is weatherproof, anti-skid, easy to clean and suitable for wheelchairs. The laying and the renewing is done by hand with an amazingly small expenditure of time. It can also be accomplished by the organizer itself without any problems. Without preparation of the subsoil event and exhibition spaces, footpaths, temporary parking, access roads and space for containers can be constructed in the area without a large amount of time beeing needed. There will always be formed a preeminent soil protection with high load capacity. The subjacent soil is protected effectively against compaction. Also a geotextile should always be used as an underlayer.

Complete solutions by UMTECH Ground Protection UG & Co. KG:
• delivery
• laying
• availability
• renewing
• removing
• cleaning

The UMTECH-philosophy:
Events of each kind belong to our life just like the conviction that the environment may not suffer from it. Construction projects have their antagonists, because  interferences in the ecological environment by construction works are  often profound. For protecting the soil it is necessary to achieve several objectives:
• First of all the natural cover must be preserved and not removed;
• Furthermore the soil may not be polluted;
• Also the loads must be distributed dynamically on a maximum area;
• And waiting time must be reduced to a minimum;
• Each solution must be low-priced. Only in such a way environmental protection can become an economic alternative.

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